Novigrad (Italian: Cittanova or Cittanova d’Istria) is a town in Istria County in western Croatia. In Croatian it is also sometimes referred to as Novigrad Istarski to distinguish it from three other Croatian towns of the same name.

Novigrad is set on a small peninsula on the western coast of Istria, two kilometres (1.2 mi) north of the mouth of the river Mirna and some 25 km (16 mi) south of the border with Slovenia. At the 2011 census the town proper had a population of 2,622, while the administrative area – which also includes four nearby villages – had 4,345 inhabitants. 66% of population were ethnic Croats while the biggest minority group were Istrian Italians (10%).

Visitors to Novigrad are enthralled by the cultural and historical monuments, Bell Tower in Novigrad -in 1883, the Novigrad comune (municipality) commissioned the erection of a campanile next to the St. Pelagius’ Church, a free-standing bell tower. City Walls – the historic core of the city once was entirely enclosed in walls, the course of which remains visible today only in their remnants. A special treat is a visit to the Stone Collection of the Lapidarium Museum are cultural goods of national importance.

Novigrad manages to combine, in a very interesting way, its rich tradition with the modern times. As it is also an active fishing port, you can experience the atmosphere of a small fishing village. On the other hand, the town has been developing an exquisite gastronomy and offers a high standard of tourist services in general.



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By car

Arrival in Novigrad:

from Slovenia and Italy: border-crossing Kaštel–Dragonja, highway: toll gate Umag – Nova vas interchange (motorway exit) – Bužinija – Novigrad

from Zagreb:  highway Zagreb – Rijeka – Učka Tunnel – Nova vas interchange (motorway exit) – Bužinija – Novigrad

from Dalmatia: highway Split – Bosiljevo – Rijeka –Učka Tunnel – Nova vas interchange (motorway exit) – Bužinija – Novigrad

By bus

Novigrad is connected with a direct bus lines to all major centres in Croatia. For more information, please visit, and the site of Zagreb Bus Station

Organized international bus transport:

– from Ljubljana and Kopar – for more information, please visit

– from Trieste – for more information, please visit:

– from Belgrade – for more information, please visit

Useful websites for planning trips by bus:,,

By plane

Pula Airport is located only 80 kilometres from Novigrad. It is connected via Zagreb with almost all major European capitals.

The airport is connected to the city of Pula with regular bus lines and taxies.

For more information about Pula airport, please visit

Zagreb Airport is located 280 km from Novigrad. For more information, please visit www.zagreb-

Ljubljana Airport is located 141 km from Novigrad. For more information, please visit

Trieste Airport is located  58 km from Novigrad. For more information, please visit

By train

The nearest railway stations:

Pazin Railway Station (50 km) address: Stareh kostanji 1, phone: +385 (0)52 624 310

Buzet Railway Station (48 km), address: Počekaji bb, phone: +385 (0)52 662 899

By boat

During summer months the port of Umag (20 km from Novigrad) is connected by boat (for passenger only) with:

Venice – more information see here:

Rijeka Ferry Port, located 92 km from Novigrad, is connected to the islands of Kvarner and Dalmatia by ferries. For more information, please visit

Visa information

It is of participant responsibility to check visa requirements and apply for it, if required. 

To find out whether you need visa or not, please visit the web-page

If you require visa to enter Croatia, you can consult the full visa issuance procedure on

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